December 3, 2020

6 Clever Ways to Style Tiny Turkish Rugs


Photo: Rebekah Murray at Magnolia WV Airbnb Rug: District Loom

It’s no secret that we love small Turkish rugs. We affectionately refer to them as tinies, and they’re far and away our most in-demand style. Whenever we drop new tinies on our site, they usually sell out fast (if you’re in the market, be sure to check out our exclusive collection with Anthropologie –– there are usually a few tinies in stock!). 

One of the greatest features of the tiny Turkish rug is that they make great starter rugs. If you (or your significant other) aren’t totally sold on vintage, or if you’re not quite ready to invest in an area rug, tinies are the answer. 

A couple months ago, we had the opportunity to share some of our favorite styling tips for tinies with Apartment Therapy and we want to share a few of those ideas with you here, too. 

a stack of tiny Turkish rugsBut first, a little history. 

Tiny Turkish rugs were not originally intended for use on the floor. They’re called “yastiks,” and were woven for use as pillow covers for Turkish village home decor. That’s one reason why you’ll sometimes find twin tinies –– two small rugs that make up the front and back of the cushion. Our supplier’s grandparents in Turkey actually still have a few pillows made from yastiks on their sofa! 

Add a tiny to your home in one of these simple ways and your home will look instantly charming. 

Photo: Angela Newton Roy Design: Diane Hemmersbaugh Rug: District Loom

1. Upgrade your bath mat 

My go-to spot for these cuties is usually in front of a sink. What’s especially great about Turkish rugs is they’re usually made from wool and can withstand the generally moist environment in your bathroom. 

A small vintage rug in the kitchen

Photo: Rebekah Murray at Magnolia WV Airbnb Rug: District Loom

2. Cute in the kitchen 

There’s just something about a small vintage rug in front of a kitchen sink that brings me joy. The smaller-scale rugs are often about the same width as a kitchen sink, so they’re an appropriate proportion in this high-traffic spot.

 Photo: Dominique Gebru

3. In front of a floor mirror 

Create an Instagram-ready vignette, perfect for all of your selfie needs by arranging a small Turkish rug in front of a long mirror. Even if you’re not posting OOTD pics on the internet, we promise a vintage rug will bring a touch of joy to your morning routine. 

A vintage rug used as wall art.

Photo: wld wst creative studio Rug: District Loom

4. Gorgeous wall art 

There’s a unique sense of bland that comes with a cookie cutter home. Sure, it might look nice, but if your space looks like everyone else’s, does it feel like yours? If you love vintage rugs like we do, you might like the way a tiny looks up on the wall. You can use a dowel or have it framed for an ultra-custom look. 

Vintage rug cushion

5. Stitch it into a pillow 

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, add a fabric backing to a tiny rug to make a unique cushion cover. Not so handy? District Loom sells cushions, too. After all, it’s as yastiks were originally intended. 

6. When in doubt, a door mat

The most obvious is perhaps the most classic. A tiny Turkish rug will fit in even the smallest of entryways, so this style tip is perfect for just about everyone. Add a non-slip mat to help it stay in place, and you’ll be greeted with good vibes every time you come home.


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