We offer a highly-curated collection of antique and vintage rugs with a focus on timeless design, sustainability, authenticated quality, and rich histories.


The District Loom Ethos

We’re drawn to the handmade quality of vintage rugs. An ancient form of storytelling, each rug’s materials, pattern, and weave contains a specific history from somewhere in the world. By choosing one of these pieces for your home, you become a part of its history, and it becomes a part of your family lore—invoking history and imagination in a way that factory reproductions just can’t.

We founded District Loom in 2018 determined to demystify the process of purchasing an antique rug by curating only the most thrilling finds, being as transparent as possible about our process, and highlighting the unique details that make each rug worth purchasing.

Our passion is making beautiful, authentic heirloom rugs accessible in a way they’ve never been before.

We passionately source and quality-check each piece, and bring our best finds to you each Thursday. It’s our belief that these timeless, storied pieces from around the world belong in homes where they will be loved and lived with—and that owning one of these sustainably-sourced pieces will lay a beautiful foundation for your home.

Our Commitment to Sustainability


We’re invested in making the world a more beautiful place, which is why sustainable practices are core to what we do. The market is flooded with cheaply made rugs that create waste at every step of the process—and eventually end up in a landfill. Investing in a vintage rug that will last generations not only reduces the demand for factory-made rugs, it also stops the endless cycle of purchasing and throwing out over the course of your lifetime.


We also partner with CarbonClick, a New Zealand company that makes it easy for businesses and individuals to fight climate change. You’ll see a small green button at checkout—clicking it will add a small donation to your cart at checkout. These funds are used to offset the environmental impact of the carbon emissions related to shipping your purchase via forest restoration, tree planting, and renewable energy projects around the world.

Fair and Transparent Sourcing

It’s vital to us to support and uplift the beautiful communities and artisans who produce these rugs. Our rugs are all vintage or antique, which means our supply chain is a sourcing one, not a production one. This is beneficial to the environment, and sustains interest in high quality rugs from around the world.

We have chosen to partner with small family businesses, both abroad and domestically. These partners travel all over the world to source directly from vendors, and pay fair prices for the product—thereby supporting even smaller businesses and families in turn. This overall supply chain allows all parties to sustain a better quality of life.

Our overall mission is to lift up rug artisans and suppliers by financially supporting them with our business, as well as highlighting the sustainability of a vintage hand-knotted rug’s life expectancy to decrease global waste. We aim to educate our customers about the incredible heritage of these rugs, and shift consumers away from buying synthetic replicas that are harmful to these communities traditional livelihood and to the environment. We are also always learning and welcome any additional questions—please reach out to us at hello@districtloom.com.

The Process

Source directly from small, family-owned businesses

Professionally repair and deep clean

Receive, complete final quality inspection, and prepare for listing

Photograph, launch, and share with our customers

Your Home


Heather Leroux Cade

Heather was obsessed with interior design from a young age—tackling DIY projects in her childhood bedroom, and very nearly getting her degree in interiors. Instead, her love of science originally won out, and she became a board certified Nurse Practitioner.

That love of design was awakened in full force when Heather and her husband Brett took on decorating their first home in the D.C. suburbs. Disappointed by the commercial rug options available (many of which are made from plastic), Heather and Brett found themselves deep in the world of vintage rug sourcing. Frustrated by high and often opaque pricing, aggressive sales tactics, and lackluster choices, the pair decided to take matters into their own hands. District Loom launched in December 2018, a fulfillment of Heather’s lifelong love of interiors and hard-won expertise in the world of investment-worthy antique rugs.

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