Umber 1 - Brittney Schulz


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Brittney Schulz, hailing from neighboring Boise, Idaho, is a talented artist whose preferred medium is acrylics. She specializes in painting captivating portraits and scenic landscapes. Her artworks stand out for their expressive brushwork, which draws viewers into different focal points within the composition. Notably, her creations often convey narratives or emotions, evident through the skillful use of colors and tones that evoke powerful feelings when experiencing her pieces.

Size including frame - 31” x 41”

Size without frame- 30” x 40”

Layers upon layers of paint create depth and various moments of light and darkness amongst the branches. You will find a different moment every time you look at this piece. Some trees fade into the background while others stand strong in the front, both so beautiful. A dreamy original painting to get lost in with its rich and warm umber and muddy red tones. This landscape contains emotion and depth that will draw you in. 

Acrylic original on stretched canvas framed in a custom dark walnut frame. Artists signature and title on the back. Your original arrives ready to hang and enjoy.

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